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27 Jul 2016

Young DaDaFest Perform


“I was really excited to see Young DaDaFest: Perform due to the sheer amount of excitement there was building up to it. The show had been sold-out for a while and having seen Young DaDaFest: Music the week before, the bar was set pretty high. Sam from RAWD opened up the show and warmed up the crowd nicely. His jokes were top notch and his good mood was infectious. He even managed to get the crowd literally scratching each other in no time, which helped introduce the theme in a clever way.

First up was the Drop In group consisting of YEP Drop In members and Young DaDaFest graduates, which made for a very exciting performance. The trio performed a short yet powerful piece about being online in the digital age. By the end of the performance, the audience were engrossed in how the narrative had played out. My favourite moment in particular was Chris’ angry face as well as the whole group’s reactions to what they saw online.

Next up was the Champions Group, who are made up of three schools and have been working together to raise awareness about access. Even though there were different schools mixed together, you wouldn’t be able to tell as they were all comfortable with one another. They showed the audience a video of their latest work with Hope University about fast and slow thinking, and performed alongside the video. Doing this really emphasised the video whilst making it more 3D and interactive, which made the points they were making stand out.

After this was Katie, who walked on stage accompanied with an Irish song “Galway Bay”, and explains that this music has a sentimental value to her Granddad. As Katie warms up the audience, she says that it is her third year in a row that she had performed at the event, which naturally made me excited to see what new poems she would perform this year. Her poems scratched beneath the surface to reveal that she was coping with pain and being grateful for her family. Katie was confident on stage, and this only aided her delivery of the poems. At one point I even had goose bumps, she was that good.

Next was Redbridge Dance Club with their dance piece about social media and the internet. Throughout the performance people were using their mobiles to portray another side of themselves. However, the dancing was reactive of this, showing how they actually felt under this façade. When looking around, the audience were fascinated, and were really enjoying the performance. The dancing itself was brilliant, with two very impressive solos.

Sam from RAWD then introduced us to our next act Bank View MADD. His slow walk onto the stage had got funnier every time, but by now it made me not stop laughing. By the end of every one of his introductions to the next acts about to perform, he had me genuinely excited to watch them. Bank View MADD performed a contemporary dance piece that was catchy, in sync and downright impressive. They danced alongside “See Beneath Your Beautiful”, which fit in with the theme nicely. This dancing was accompanied by two solo singers, which only made the performance even better.

Acting Up were next, who began sitting on a row of chairs across the stage. This only made me more curious as to what would happen next. The group began by holding up several cards, which explored the theme of “Scratch”, responding with “Why not?”, “Who says we can’t?” and more. This was different, intriguing and thought provoking.  After this a video telling the story of two people was played people acting besides it, which enriched the piece even more. Overall their performance told a story in an interesting way.

Next up was Wolfprint with their piece Irritation, which was both interesting and entertaining to watch. Personally, I loved the group’s idea, and thought it worked really well with the theme of the event whilst still being different and unique. The dancing was dramatic and bold, which worked well in grabbing the audience’s attention. It was lovely to watch the young people enjoying themselves as much as the audience were enjoying watching their performance.

The Young DaDaFest and YEP group followed this with their drama piece on the lives of different people from Liverpool, whilst there was a central character reliving the stories from previous years in his life. The use of several narratives left us wondering who’s going to come on next and what’s going to happen. I found the performance incredibly interesting and entertaining gaining an insight into these characters lives, and how this created an overall story itself. Everyone involved was extremely talented, and you could see how much they had put into the performance to make it as great as it was. The group was a perfect end to an evening of talent!”

-Rebecca Andrews, Digital Marketing Apprentice at DaDaFest

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10 Dec 2018

DaDaFest International 2018 hailed a success

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Artistic Director Ruth Gould appointed as one of five new Patrons to Graeae Theatre Company

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3 Dec 2018

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2018

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DaDaFest International 2018 Emerging Artists: Destination Sound

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DaDaFest International 2018 Emerging Artists: Jordan Connerty

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Acclaimed disability arts organisation DaDaFest work with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

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Francesca Martinez visits two North West venues as part of DaDaFest International 2018

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A handy at-a-glance festival event list

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Performers and theatre makers call out

Unity Theatre, Action Transport Theatre and DaDaFest are working together to create a high quality seasonal show based on the story of Beauty and the Beast for family audiences in December 2018.

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Sir Bert Massie CBE

Last night we heard the sad news that Sir Bert Massie has passed away.

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Daphne Does Good at DaDaFest

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Introduction from Ruth Gould

Greetings friends, comrades, supporters and visitors. 

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Past, Present & Possibilities.

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Creative UK Prosper Programme

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DaDaFest in the Spotlight

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Congratulations Ruth

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Call Out For Bluecoat 300

DaDaFest Mini-Commissions

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30 Mar 2017

My trip to Yerevan, Armenia

I was lucky to be offered to opportunity to visit Yerevan in Armenia.

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Young Disabled People Putting Together Our Arts Festival

"If art, all art, is concerned with truth, then a society in denial will not find much use for it."

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24 Feb 2017

Young DaDa Ensemble Project Video

Watch a fantastic new video from our pioneering Young DaDa Ensemble 

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7 Feb 2017

Palestine & The Joys of Flying

Currently, I am on the plane to Munich where I ought to catch a connecting flight direct to Manchester.

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25 Jan 2017

3 Days in Ramallah, Palestine

Two days in and I am in love

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Under the Skin with Jenny Sealey MBE

Under the Skin is a series of interviews conducted during DaDaFest International 2016. 

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Under the Skin with John McGrath

Under the Skin is a series of interviews conducted during DaDaFest International 2016.

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Respect Project 2016 Open Workshops

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Young DaDaFest 2017 Announcement

Young DaDaFest will return bigger and better than ever for 2017!

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DaDaFest Receives Funding

DaDaFest is delighted to announce that we have received a grant from Big Lottery Fund for “DaDaFest Rookies”.

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27 Jul 2016

Young DaDaFest Perform

I was really excited to see Young DaDaFest

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Young DaDaFest 2016: Music Review

Guest reviewer Tammy Reynolds sums up her thoughts on the first of this year’s Young DaDaFest events

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Young DaDaFest 2016 Announcement

Award Nominated Young DaDaFest Expands into Trio of Events 

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DaDaFest Hosts First Ever Rushton Social Justice Lecture

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Young DaDaFest 2015 – Open Call

This year’s Young DaDaFest will be happening at the Everyman Theatre.

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21 Jan 2015

Watch Recipe for Scouse Online Now

Young DaDa Recipe for Scouse Film is available to watch online.

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