What We Do

At DaDaFest we develop and showcase excellent disability and d/Deaf arts through a multi-art form artistic programme. This programme includes high quality festivals, interventions, events and a year-round programme of engagement work with young disabled and d/Deaf people, their families and wider community.

At the heart of the work we do are the festival programmes we put together and supporting events that act as a focus for talent development, showcasing and promoting disability arts.

Our work internationally

In addition to our work in the UK, DaDaFest also works internationally to develop and deliver arts and cultural events, primarily from a disability and d/Deaf perspective that represent the height of quality, ambition, talent and skills.

At the heart of our artistic programme is an approach that covers programming, commissioning and collaborating at an international level with partners from the USA, Africa, Middle East and Asia. This includes long-standing partnerships in the USA with DisArt in Michigan and with Sins Invalid from San Francisco.

DaDaFest also works closely with the British Council as disability experts on artistic projects across the world including South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. This has included participation in exhibitions and associated events in Palestine promoting the work of Palestinian disabled artists and support for “Unlimited: Making the Right Moves” a three year British Council project in Yerevan, Armenia which aims to establish the first inclusive Theatre and Dance group in the country. 

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