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Image of DaDa Fellow, Amina Atiq, Yemeni-scouse published poet, award-winning community activist and performance artist.

Image: DaDa Fellow, Amina Atiq, Yemeni-scouse published poet, award-winning community activist and performance artist.

DaDa is an award winning, pioneering disability and Deaf arts organisation based in Liverpool but with international reach and impact. Founded in 1984, we were one of the first disability-led arts organisations in the UK and an integral part of the campaign for greater equality and access for disabled, Deaf and neurodivergent people.

As an organisation we are known widely for DaDaFest, our biennial celebration of new performance, sculpture, music and more. In 2020, our festival theme Translations continued a 12 year journey for the organisation using the prefix ’trans’, used for its Latin meaning, ‘through,’ with its implications of change and moving forward.

Now, joint Artistic Director & CEO Nickie Miles-Wildin and Grace Ng want to stand/sit in the gap in order to cause there to be more high quality art by enabling and inspiring disabled artists from all art forms to make that work. 


The wording follows the journey of artists engaging with the various professional artist development, and community and engagement programmes and biennial festival, who now have the space to try out new ideas, to develop themselves and their ideas by experimenting ambitiously, and fail safely with the artistic provocation and producing support to becoming developed artists in DaDaFest International biennial festival years.

TRY: giving artists the time, space and resource to think about ideas, take creative risks, experiment courageously and fail safely, and to find the best lessons from failure

DEVELOP: supporting artists to develop prototypes of their ideas, work and practice with the permission to fail safely at DaDaFest Scratch, including opportunities to learn about funding, networking and engagement with their audiences

BECOME: artists who become visible and daring arts entrepreneurs, leaders and change makers presenting high quality work at DaDaFest International


With a staff team who are also artists/creatives themselves know the journey that freelance artists are on; Board members who are deeply passionate about the social justice mission, and other stakeholders and audiences. We are: 


Providing seed funding for developing artists - our goal is to get them through the first phase and have prototyped something impressive enough for our biennial festivals and future touring/transfers both nationally and internationally. See DaDa Incubator and DaDa Academy.


Commissioning, co-producing work and supporting creative risks taken by artists. See DaDaFest Scratch and DaDaFest International


Access consultancy and creative access expertise – we act as a catalyst for breaking down physical and attitudinal barriers in the anticipation of opening up more social and artistic opportunities for disabled, Deaf and neurodivergent people. See Resources.

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