DaDaFest International - 2020

27 November - 3 December 2020
DaDaFest's first digital, online festival.

DaDaFest International 2020 Translations - Launch

The launch of DaDaFest International 2020: Translations

Words Collect in My Mouth:

Artist Alexandrina Hemsley has compiled a publication drawing together elements of her disability and social justice led enquiries of the past five years.

Maelstrom Under Glass

Maelstrom Under Glass is the first film project of newly formed company Yewande 103 led by choreographer and writer Alexandrina Hemsley

In Conversation

Following the premiere of "Maelstrom Under Glass" artist Alexandrina Hemsley will be taking part in a discussion with Zuleika Lebow.

Artist Takeovers

We hand over control of our social media to three artists.

Game of Spoons

Play an educational board game and take on the role of someone living with chronic illness, otherwise known as a spoonie.

Broken Biscuits: Unheard Voices

An experimental film to explore and capture the stories of Yemeni newsagents.


Through photos, film and spoken word, Tammy Reynolds will explore dwarf visibility with Natalia Bedkowska, and what it means when she controls the gaze.

Translating Experiences

Touching on the theme of Translations, the duo A Little Commitment bring four podcasts to DaDaFest International 2020.


Inspired by a series of online videos encouraging people to keep fit whilst dancing in their chair, artist Nicola Smith questions what happens when bodies behave differently from perceived norms.

First Do No Harm

A new cross artform, spoken word film exploring how doctors’ words translate to the patient


A humorous and informed deep dive into the taboos, the stigmas, the mysteries and the misinformation that surrounds disabled people.

Disability Arts and Access in the Digital Age

Join our panel discussion in association with Disability Arts Online.

Kintsugi Gold

Chanje Kunda is a performance artist with complex PTSD. Her latest project is a short film that seeks to make invisible disabilities visible and valued.

Permission To Speak

The video work interrogates the authority and power of translation, revealing that interpretation can not match the rich visual language of the artists.

Deaf Explorer Q&A

Join Deaf Explorer for a live Q&A session and previews of their new films.

The Misunderstandings of the Other Side

An exploration of how the world of neurodiverse people differs from the world of neurotypical people.

I was Naked, Smelling of Rain

This intimate, moving and connecting experience explores wellbeing through an artistic response to the physicality of weather, dis/connectedness and being ‘alone’ or ‘lonely’.

Future Possibilities

A panel discussion featuring artists from the Translations 2020 festival

Weasel International

What is it about weasels and why does artist Dominic G find them so fascinating? This and more will be explored in Weasel International.

Celebrating Our Identity

Coming from different countries with different cultures, Indonesian artist, Hana Madness, and St Helens-based Alexis Maxwell explore the shared experiences that wind their narratives together.

The Edward Rushton Lecture: The Language of Disability

Our annual lecture moved online in 2020.

Scars: Memories of the Skin

Scars communicate different meanings, lived experiences and emotional changes as a script on the body. Like translated texts, they can be interpreted in different ways.

The Third House (online version)

23 November at the Bluecoat, or online from 28 November, a live-performance anthology exploring inherited and existing identities, both Yemeni and British

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