First Do No Harm

Helen Seymour

30th November 2020 - 04th December 2020

From the creator of spoken word shows ‘To Helen Back’ and ‘Helen Highwater’ comes a new cross artform, spoken word film exploring how doctors’ words translate to the patient.

Poet Helen Seymour uses her own experience of disability and of being a patient to develop an entirely new piece within a digital format. In the current pandemic, the doctor/patient relationship is more important than ever, and through surreal visuals, soundscape and real patient stories, this honest and innovative piece of poetry will speak to an experience so often hidden.

Helen Seymour says: "The film will explore two key questions in terms of translations: "How do we translate ourselves to doctors when we are unwell?" and, "Do we feel listened to?"

Additional partners on the project are Apples and Snakes, Britain’s leading spoken word poetry organisation, as well as Drawn Poorly zine, whose online community of disabled followers informed the piece by submitting their own patient experiences.

What will it be? First Do No Harm will be a film.


Supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Arts Council England.

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