DaDaFest International - 2012

Get Around Town

Be part of the game of getting around town during DaDaFest.

DaDaFest International 2012

13 July – 2 September 2012

Niet Normaal: Difference on Display

DaDaFest 2012 presents Niet Normaal: Difference on Display, at the Bluecoat

Bionic People

A two-day practical workshop with award-winning filmmaker John Williams to create short films that imaginatively address themes of disability, bioethics and prosthetics

Explore Niet Normaal with the Blue Room

Back by popular demand – the Bluecoat’s summer holiday activities run by learning disabled volunteer artists from the Blue Room project.

Difference on Display Seminar – A Response to the Niet Normaal Exhibition

A discussion with artists and curators involved in the Niet Normaal: Difference on Display exhibition.

The Hearing Test

As part of a residency initiated in 2011 by AND and DaDaFest, Irish composer and writer Ailís Ní Ríain has developed an online art project with the Spanish creative technologist Andrea Pazos López.

Mean Little Deaf Queer – Terry Galloway

A raucous and disarming reading of Galloway’s memoir about her mental breakdowns, her queer identity, and her life in a silent, quirky world populated by unforgettable characters.

Richard Tyrone Jones’ Big Heart

How do you fight back when your own heart tries to kill you?

Poetry Open Mic

The Ugly Spirit Workshop

Following on from the themes picked up in the Ugly Spirit, this workshop will use visual art to focus on exploring people’s divided selves.

DaDaFest Film Shorts

A programme of short films curated by DaDaFest to fit with the theme of ‘shifting identities’.

The Ugly Spirit

Fittings Multimedia Arts Berlin 1973. Bessie is stuck to Jessie. The human mind will not function when it is hot. Jessie holds a Christmas present. The present was for their Mother. But she was chosen. They never saw her again.

The First Four…

Featuring conversations with the first four recipients of the award: artists Noemi Lakmaier, Sally Booth, Aaron Williamson and Caroline Cardus

Legal Speak Workshop

Get all bogged down with legal speak – don’t know what it means?

AAA Rating– Liz Bentley

A one-woman theatrical show exploring a year in Liz’s life.

In the House of the Moles – Nudd and Galloway

A tragedy in burlesque that explores the darker themes of disability through a comic mix of vaudeville, Punch and Judy, melodrama and English music hall.

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk Workshop

Explore identity and how to write about it in this workshop with Brian Lobel. Using examples from his own work, you will create short written pieces out of lists and stories about our bodies.

BALL & Other Funny Stories about Cancer – Brian Lobel

An unexpected, quirky and provocative performance about illness and the changing body over time.

Aaron Williamson in conversation with Sally Tallant: The Eavesdropper and other stories

A discussion with Sally Tallant Artistic Director and CEO of Liverpool Biennial and artist Aaron Williamson.

Benny Prasad

Born in Bangalore, India, Benny is a remarkable musician.

Unlimited Global Alchemy – Rachel Gadsden

A special screening of short films, featuring Rachel Gadsden and the Bambanani Group – Nondumiso Hlwele, Noloyiso Balintulo, Bongiwe Mba, Thozama Ndevu, Thobani Ncapai and Zodwa Somlayi – which were shot on location in Khayelitsha Township and at SOBEIT Studios, Cape Town, in October 2011.

A Little Commitment – Kiruna Stamell and Gareth Berliner

A raucous romp of rudeness and hilarity that challenges assumptions we all make.

Inspired – Laurence Clark

How come a Paralympic football team losing in the first round will still be thought inspirational; but when the regular England team does the same they’re a bunch of bastards?

Story Power Workshop

David Roche brings his wide experience as a performer and storyteller to this workshop.

Catholic Erotica – David Roche

Facial disfigurement had a relatively benign effect on David Roche’s sexual development – at least compared to being raised Catholic. A tongue in cheek journey through the dark forest of rules and repression, into the sun-light of enjoyment of life (this life, not the next one).

Church Of The 80% Sincerity

The Church of 80% Sincerity shares the inspiring, poignant, wickedly funny, and sometimes heartbreaking story of motivational speaker David Roche’s journey from shame to self-acceptance.

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