Richard Tyrone Jones’ Big Heart

19th August 2012 - 19th August 2012
 Richard Tyrone Jones’ Big Heart

In 2010, for his thirtieth birthday Richard Tyrone Jones, the healthy, gym-going ‘Ringmaster of Spoken Word’ (ThreeWeeks) got a rather unexpected present. Heart failure.

Having battled back from the brink of death to (almost) full-health, armed with a pen and a pacemaker, he has now written a show about his experiences.

Here is a show for anyone who ever had a heart. Or failure. Many acts consider their show to be a matter of life and death. This one literally is.

Tickets: £8/£6.

Book via link above or telephone 0151 702 5324 .

School Lane
L1 3BX
United Kingdom
Telephone: 0151 702 5324
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