DaDa Ensemble

Young musicians and a conductor onstage in front of a projector screen on which it reads 'Music for Friends'

DaDa Ensemble is a group of disabled, Deaf and neurodivergent musicians aged 12 – 25. They include songwriters, drummers, guitarists, pianists and much more. With their incredibly wide range of skills and influences, they can rock any stage.

Who’s involved?
DaDa Ensemble is led by young people. The group decide on the music and DaDa team work with the young musicians themselves, SEND school staff, the young people’s PA’s and parents and guardians on how it can be performed live or recorded in a studio.

They are guided on their musical journey by an incredible team of accomplished lead musicians who provide unique insights based on their own specialism and industry experience.

How does it work?
DaDa and lead musicians representing our partners create an inclusive and safe environment in which the young people explore new sounds, and then we step back and let them and their music do the talking. Sessions occur regularly both online and in face-to-face workshops at our partner Resonate Music Hubs’ base at Notre Dame college in Liverpool.

Why do we need it?
The young musicians are provided with instruments to practice on, professional studios to create new music in, and an accessible space where they can meet other disabled and non-disabled musicians. It is both a journey of sonic discovery and an important social scene, through which participants gain music skills, build self-confidence and expand their musical experience.

Delivered with specialist partners, DaDa Ensemble also allows DaDa to influence the delivery of accessible music projects across the country. We make sure to share our learnings and expertise from the programme and expose a wider audience to what young disabled, Deaf and neurodivergent musicians can achieve.

DaDa Ensemble is run in partnership with Drake Music, Live Music Now and Resonate Liverpool’s Music Hub.

Listen / Watch / See

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Check out the DaDa Ensemble's work for yourself:

DaDa Ensemble Scratch at The Philharmonic Music Rooms Live Stream (2019)

DaDa Ensemble short film (2016)

Listen to the DaDa Ensemble on Soundcloud:

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