Who we are

Six people onstage at a Q&A. One of them is stood up speaking into a microphone and others are listening intently.
Image: DaDa staff and artists at DaDa Scratch 2020

DaDa is an innovative and cutting edge disability and Deaf arts organisation based in Liverpool that was established in 1984. Our vision is simple; 'Equity and Excellence in the Cultural landscape'. We work to provide artists and audiences with opportunities to try, develop and become a part of the arts and of our story. 

We believe that disabled people are socially, economically and culturally disadvantaged and discriminated against. The arts provide a platform that can be used to challenge prevalent negative perceptions, highlight inequalities and promote socially just alternatives. Through art, our work educates, challenges attitudes and removes ableist barriers that restrict life choices for people to live independently and equally in society. 

By stimulating and supporting disability and Deaf arts from a wide variety of cultural perspectives we promote and improve the social understanding of disability.

What is the ‘social model’ of disability? 

At DaDa we work to the social model of disability. This model identifies that systemic barriers, negative attitudes and exclusion by society (purposely or inadvertently) are the main contributory factors in disabling people.

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