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DaDaFest creates art, challenges attitudes and changes lives.

We do this by creating and promoting work created by disabled, d/Deaf and non-disabled artists, whilst encouraging young disabled and d/Deaf people to learn the skills and develop the confidence which will enable them to flourish as artists, performers or practitioners themselves. This happens through ongoing programmes of activity, training, mentoring, workshops, performance, all providing opportunities for disabled and d/Deaf people to learn, take part or access the arts from a unique cultural perspective.

Young DaDaFest is our annual festival celebrating the work of disabled and d/Deaf artists aged between 12 and 30. Its impact on the young people taking part is profound.

Every two years, DaDaFest International brings everything that we do together in a celebration of Deaf and Disability Arts, where our Liverpool based festival attracts artists and diverse communities to perform, create, attend and experience world class arts for a worldwide audience. Its impact is life-changing.

As a registered charity, we rely on the generous support of our partners to remain at the forefront in the disability and arts movement. We practice sustainable business models to ensure that such support has long term consequences.

Through financial support, DaDaFest’s social impact is working towards our vision: to inspire, develop and celebrate talent and excellence in disability and deaf arts.

Supporting us by getting involved financially or otherwise makes that vision a reality and creates benefits which affect all of society. If you want to make the difference, here's how

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