The Misunderstandings of the Other Side

Gold Akanbi

01st December 2020 - 03rd December 2020
Image of Gold Akanbi against a background of purple clouds

The Misunderstandings of the Other Side will explore and reveal how difficult communicating and socialising can be for atypical people in a neurotypical world.

Neurodiverse artist, Gold Akanbi, will focus the piece on women of colour who are first and second generation immigrants. By exploring how the world of neurodiverse people differs from the world of neurotypical people, she will seek not only to humanize their existence but to affirm their experience and the challenges they deal with on a daily basis.

By incorporating performance art, spoken word, visual art, greenscreen effects, music and animation, Akanbi will give a multi-sensory experience to the audience, to understand how neurodiversity both enhances and diminishes the lives of those on the autistic spectrum.

This work will also incorporate the words and opinions of other women of colour on the spectrum in order to add plurality and to give a wholesome and well-rounded view of people who are often dismissed in the Autistic and wider medical/psychological community.


Supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Arts Council England.

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