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Hana Madness / Alexis Maxwell

03rd December 2020 - 03rd December 2020
Cartoon featuring the artists surrounded by cartoon creatures

Coming from different countries with vastly different cultures, Indonesian artist, Hana Madness, and St Helens-based Alexis Maxwell will explore the shared experiences that wind their narratives together.

Expect to see their unique practices blended together as they make use of illustration, animation and sound to explore the barriers presented to ‘mentally disabled’ artists in both Indonesia and the UK.

Hana and Alexis say: 

“We decided to present a work that tries to invite the audience to enter into the atmosphere of "our world”, from our point of view who experience it.  

Our restlessness has become a strengthening spirit to change the negative narratives that have been developing in our society. Mental illness is indeed something that is very challenging, especially for those of us who experience it and the people who live side by side with us. However, the negative stigma and lack of fair access is even more vicious than mental illness itself. 

We exist. We are real. And we are equal! 


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