Weasel International

Dominic G

03rd December 2020 - 03rd December 2020

What is it about weasels and why does artist Dominic G find them so fascinating? 

This and more will be explored in Weasel International.

Since 2014, Dominic has been building Weasel Nation, a platform presenting music, sculptures, an interactive video game and workshops on creating clay sculptures and drawings of his creations, the Wicked Weasels. 

Dominic’s next step is world domination with Weasel International. 

Reflecting on his belief that art can bring the world together, and everyone should be able to participate, and including his strong political, pro-disabled, anti-racist and anti-establishment ethics, Dominic will be creating a Manifesto for Weasel Nation, carrying forward the views that he thinks are essential to artists today.

The manifesto will accompany Dominic’s artistic practice, via video of practical tutorials and based around his strong visual style of graffiti art.

For the first time, and making his Wicked Weasels truly international, Dominic will be creating this work in English, BSL and Arabic.

Dominic will be supported by long-time collaborator Patrick Farrell, who works internationally facilitating arts for oppressed groups.


What will it be? Sculpture and written text

Who is it for? Families, Arabic Speakers, Deaf audiences

All work courtesy of Dominic G Bennett. Created with support from Patrick 'CaveMan' Farrell. Translations by Muhab and Sahar. Special thanks to Ann Tarpey and Venture Arts for their continued support.

Supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Arts Council England.

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