Maelstrom Under Glass

Yewande 103

27th November 2020 - 13th December 2020


" spills slowly

across cell edges

weeping open…”

In her new film, Maelstrom Under Glass, artist Alexandrina Hemsley explores the intimate landscapes of the body to offer up dynamic spaces of repair.

Vivid layers of movement and bio-mythographical texts speak to retrieving oneself from sites of harm. These layerings evoke a reclaiming of interior texture; evoking re-embodiment after prolonged dissociation, inner storms, intersectional subjectivity as sites of marbling, and the complicated shine of a body meeting itself once more.

Of the work, Alexandrina Hemsley says:

Continuing my practice of finding embodied agency in performance environments, yet in contrast to my previous film works where multiplicity was fought for through processes of blurring; to both evade capture and challenge the gazes of white supremacist abelism, Maesltrom seeks to amplify and value that which is. Within my own fabric, my body/bodies are held as defined and visible. I embellish my body-mind-spirit, treasuring multiplicity within processes of returning to intimacy."

Maelstrom Under Glass is the first film project of newly formed company Yewande 103 led by choreographer and writer Alexandrina Hemsley.

Contains nudity.



Maelstrom Under Glass
A DaDaFest commission by Yewande 103
Choreographed and performed by Alexandrina Hemsley
Text: Alexandrina Hemsley
Filming: Alexandrina Hemsley with support from David Archer and Katarzyna Perlak
Editing: Katarzyna Perlak
Sound Design: Rebekah Ubuntu
Production: Nancy May Roberts
BSL: Dionne Thomas
Captioning: David Archer and DaDaFest
Audio Description: Sightlines
Technical and Production support: DaDaFest

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