Words Collect in My Mouth:

Conversations on Intimacy and Repair

27th November 2020 - 13th December 2020

For DaDaFest 2020 artist Alexandrina Hemsley has compiled a publication drawing together elements of her disability and social justice led enquiries of the past five years.

The collection of texts and images stem from the prompt, ‘How does one (individuals and communities) return to intimacy after experiences, or within the aftermaths of violence (systemic, institutional, personal, intergenerational)?’ Alongside Alexandrina, the publication brings together several pieces from the following artists, activists, facilitators, researchers and practitioners:

Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson
Nad Ma
Nina Mühlemann
Noa Winter
Oshilaja Hemsley
Raju Rage
Rebekah Ubuntu
Vijay Patel

Themes of creativity, connection, love, rage, access, decolonisation, repair and future speculations emerge through these collective voices.

You can pre-order a free Limited Edition printed copy of Words Collect in My Mouth: Conversations on Intimacy and Repair using the Register button HERE. The publication will be mailed out to you after DaDaFest International 2020. The online publication will now be made available in 2021.

Publication contains material of a sensitive nature, please see full content warning within the printed publication.

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