Future Possibilities

Artist Panel Discussion

02nd December 2020 - 02nd December 2020
Headshots of four panelists against a bright purple background


Join some of the artists appearing in DaDaFest International 2020 – Translations for what will be a lively discussion about what the future might, and ideally should, hold for their practice and the disability arts movement in general

Moderated by Simon Startin, activist and freelance theatre-maker, the discussion panel will include:

  • Chanje Kunda, performance artist and creator of the film Kintsugi Gold showing as part of this years festival
  • Tammy Reynolds, self-acknowledged queer crip performer/writer/nuisance and co-creator of Re:Form
  • Natalia Bedkowska, queer crip photographer/filmmaker/tattoo artist and co-creator of Re:Form
  • Alexandrina Hemsley, choreographer, performer, writer, mentor and educator. 

This event will offer an opportunity to hear from the participating artists about their current approaches to making work and the factors and circumstances that motivate them, how they would like to work in the future and the opportunities they would they like to see coming their way.

The discussion will also explore how intersections of experience inform their creative process and ask them to consider their relationship with the disability arts movement in general and where they would like to see it going.

Anyone will be able to watch a live stream of the panel discussion but we want to also involve you in the conversations. People registering in advance will be able to join the live session, providing you with an opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts on the subjects covered

Simon Startin - Host

Chanje Kunda - Panelist

Tammy Reynolds - Panelist

Natalia Bedkowsa - Panelist

Alexandrina Hemsley - Panelist

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