Tammy Reynolds

Tammy Reynolds sits on stage in a chair, eyes closed, her hair bright orange.

This is a post-COVID bio because everything has changed. For some reason artists speak about themselves in third person. Tammy Reynolds doesn’t like doing that, neither does her occasional alter-ego Midgitte Bardot. So they’re not going to. I explore performance art, live art and drag with the body of a dwarf and a mind of a very bored dwarf. I USED to sing, dance, scream, laugh, cry out my trauma on a stage. Now I do it in my bedroom, at my webcam. I explore how disabled bodies exist in the arts and interrogate the notion of humour and ridicule of the other. I witness the previous portrayal of bodies or minds like mine and I spit it back out with glitter and goo or the virtual equivalent.  

These people have given me money because I asked them and they deemed me worthy: Live Art Development Agency, DaDaFest, Heart of Glass, Scottee and Friends Ltd, FACT, Artsadmin and maybe TWO or THREE more! 

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