Tammy Reynolds / Natalia Bedkowska

28th November 2020 - 03rd December 2020
A hand with tattooed letters on 2 fingers spelling IT pinches the flesh of their other arm

A medley of visual, audio and text from Tammy Reynolds and Natalia Bedkowska, exploring what happens when disabled people control the gaze. 

The artists say of their piece:

"Tammy Reynolds is a midget.
Natalia Bedkowska is a cripple.
They’re both queer.
They’re both tired.

Q: What happens when you combine a queer crip photographer/filmmaker/tattoo artist with a queer crip performer/writer/nuisance?

A: Agency in art.

As a midget, Tammy is used to non-consentual documentation from the general public. As a crip photographer, Natalia is used to barriers put in the way by non-disableds for her to make work. Let’s stop doing that shall we? This is what happens when crips have control of the gaze, control of the process and…I dunno, control of something else too."


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