Broken Biscuits: Unheard Voices

Amina Atiq

28th November 2020 - 13th December 2020


Introduction by Tammy Reynolds

Broken Biscuits was a play which visited artist Amina Atiq's  grandmother’s Yemeni-British living room in the 1970’s, that sat on top of granddad’s corner shop on Lawrence road, selling broken biscuits for half a penny, to untangle what it means to be British. 

In this year’s festival, Amina Atiq was set to perform her second performance of Broken Biscuits. However, in response to the Covid-19 restrictions, Amina has  adapted her creative process and produced an experimental film, titled Unheard Voices to explore and capture the stories of Yemeni newsagents.

It is estimated that 400 Yemeni- owned newsagents are in the city, yet the hidden Yemeni community have received little attention publicly and in academic accounts. This film honours Granddads legacy. Yemeni-British shopkeepers set up corner shops on the streets of Britain after the first wave of Yemeni immigrants settling at a post-war era.

Unheard Voices will also combine poetry and script from Broken Biscuits. A second interview with charismatic Grandma Hayla, which explores a more detailed and intimate conversation, to discover what life was like for a Yemeni-British widow, raising seven children and a businesswoman after gran-dad died.

Broken Biscuits was first shared at the Unity Theatre as part of the scratch event for DadaFest in February 2020.



Featuring Gran-ma Hayla
With thanks to Hassan Mahamdallie
Filmed by Brian Roberts

Photo credit: Robin Clewley
Twitter: @Robinscamera

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