Translating Experiences

A Little Commitment: Podcasts

29th November 2020 - 13th December 2020



Touching on the theme of Translations, the duo A Little Commitment bring four podcasts to DaDaFest International 2020.

Podcast 1
An iterview Emma Round (AKA @Pseudodeviant on Twitter)
Emma Round is a Blogger and Disability activist. She runs a blog called Crip the Planet on Wordpress: Thoughts on the liberation of disabled people. We talked to Emma about language used by both the disabled and non disabled to talk about disability.

Episode 1:
Episode 1 transcript available here.

Podcast 2 
In Conversation with dancer and choreographer Dan Daw 
Dan began working as a performer with Restless Dance Theatre in 2002, and since then he has gone on to work with Australian Dance Theatre (AUS), Force Majeure (AUS), FRONTLINEdance (UK), Scottish Dance Theatre (UK), balletLORENT (UK), Candoco Dance Company (UK) and Skånes Dansteater (SWE). We talked to Dan about his move into dance and his process of translating ideas into movement.

Episode 2:

Episode 2: Episode 2 transcript available here.

Podcast 3 
With Wendy Rouse and Amanda Wilde
We interview our friends Wendy Rouse and Amanda Wilde, from Red Earth Theatre about how they make their work understandable to a broadly diverse audience, using BSL, images and creative captioning. We collaborated with Red Earth Theatre on Pirate and Parrot but in this conversation we talk about their previous work and how the accessibility of their shows has developed over the company's 21 years.

Episode 3:  Episode 3 transcript available here.

Podcast 4 
With Cheryl Martin

We speak with Singer, Poet, Director, Writer and Performer, Cheryl Martin. Cheryl was making a piece of theatre that explored her life’s experiences, ‘One Woman’, then Covid 19 meant a change of plan. Suddenly, she needed to adapt her life and her work. How does she translate her work from theatre to film? How do her life experiences of being a Black Artist with Borderline Personality Disorder, translate across the different mediums?

Episode 4

Episode 4 transcript here.

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