26 Sep 2022

Reflections on Ed Fringe accessibility

A person carrying out tech duties for a theatre production, their face illuminated by a laptop screen in what is otherwise a pitch black space.

Image: Joe Strickland at DaDaFest Scratch 2021, photo by Brian Roberts

This August, DaDa Executive Producer, Joe Strickland, visited the Edinburgh Fringe in their capacity as both a representative of DaDa and as a performing artist with Chronic Insanity. Get their thoughts on accessibility at the world's largest arts festival in their latest piece for the DaDa blog:

On the whole, the Edinburgh Fringe has been a mixed bag this year. I think there’s more public complaining because people are more comfortable demanding the basics that they require. Every complaint about access, burnout, finances, or mismanagement is a problem that has pervaded the festival for many years, so the increase in people actively and publicly complaining about it is a good sign that people feel empowered about standing up to industry and festival gatekeepers, something that can happen all too rarely in live performance. This is happening in conversations with artists, on twitter, and even in published think-pieces, such as this one by Fergus Morgan for The Stage.

There have also been many more shows, at all scales, actively promoting their access, in spite of the Fringe Society messing up and excluding shows with accessibility from being correctly labeled as such in the programme and ticket website. Plus, with the emergence of organisations like Neurodiverse Review and their excellent summing up of access issues at the Fringe in 2022 it’s clear that access is being forced into conversations about the future of the Fringe, and about time!

However, I can’t help but think that it’s all to easy for people to point the fingers between venues, artists, and audiences without anything actually ending up getting done. Also, a lot of people are demanding change but are these organisations actually going to do anything without people asking for more specifics?

Some potential ideas for these three groups are presented below to reflect on:

To Venues

  • Do a major overhaul of assessing whether spaces are accessible or not, and making sure that most spaces can be made accessible, especially if they are traditionally popular to broad audiences.

    This might be difficult in old buildings that house venues potentially, but then maybe find other buildings? Is having been somewhere for a period of time really worth ignoring the mobility or sensory needs of your audience? Can you set up an equivalent system elsewhere to view shows staged in inaccessible spaces (live streaming on an intranet for instance) or having a pot of money set aside to reasonably record shows in inaccessible spaces for on demand release.

    Don’t just rely on these ideas either, as the priority is making live spaces accessible to everybody. That is why people come to the Fringe.

  • Train your staff in audience access queries, and don’t work them so hard that it’s the first thing that gets forgotten in order for them to survive the month. Lots of stories coming out of the fringe this month have been about shows from smaller companies offering more access options but venues staff/volunteers being uninformed about access matters effectively. However, working at most Edinburgh venues leaves you underpaid, or even not technically paid at all, and exhausted. You may also end up hating the role since, working front of house or at the box office you will be bearing the brunt of any general hostility from members of the public. So kindness is required if a staff member forgets or mishandles an accessibility query. Venues need to do more about staff health and wellbeing anyway, and a wonderful side-effect of this will be a better access communication system for audiences that require it.

  • Can’t all the venues just have a big website that has all the up to date access information on it, the big 8 especially now that they have EdFest.co.uk? The basic access built into shows, any extra accessible performances decided upon during the month? This really isn’t that hard to set up.

  • Encourage shows to be more accessible with incentives (more favourable rents or ticket splits, free publicity about their access offering, equipment for accessibility provided as part of the general tech spec in a venue). Artists want to be accessible, they really do, but resources limit their ability to execute their accessibility desires


To Artists

The current show registration process means that you have to outline your access when you register your show, which is very early on in the rehearsal or creation process if you don’t have access built into the bedrock of your show. Some artists don’t have anything other than a name for their show when they are registering it in March time (for the early bird deadline at least). The best thing to do is to build access into the show from the get go, not tag it on later and then be unable to update your listing to reflect this (although obviously this updating should be a more streamlined process too).

Almost every artists I speak to about access wants to include it but doesn’t want to mess it up. We all innately understand how important expectations are when it comes to making an informed decision about which shows to go and see, especially when there is so much choice/competition at the festival. Unfortunately most artists end up deciding that if they aren’t confident in making their work accessible then they might do it badly, and that doing something poorly is worse than not doing it at all. Therefore, access is not built in. Also, it comes down to resources and the availability of resources.

Below are some suggestions:

  • Audio-description should be in everything from the ground up, it isn’t difficult, just pretend your show is a radio play and add it in, or rehearse a second script for the show that describes anything visually on stage that isn’t already described with the script. Also, you can build audio-description into your sound design to emphasise and highlight visual moments if your show isn’t scripted, like emphasising the creaking of a door if one closes, or the tearing of paper if a letter is opened.

  • Captions should be an option everywhere, but you need to overcome two problems:

    1. How will they be generated
    2.Where will they be shown

    If you have a scripted show, and that script is stuck to for every performance, there really isn’t an excuse for not having captions generated for your show (the problem comes in presenting them). Even just having the lines in a powerpoint and having an operator skip through them along with the show can be enough. If that sounds boring, then make your captions more creative! Different fonts, images, styles for different characters, there’s not set or standardised way of making creative captions, just make them visible and legible from where the audience is sitting and you’re good to go!

    If, however, you have a show with improvised or unscripted elements, and don’t have the budget for a stenographer, or even an electronic note taker to caption the show for you, AI speech to text options can be used so long as they have a clear audio feed for the performers. The free speech-to-text included with Zoom is surprisingly good at accuracy regardless of regional UK/US accents if it has a clean audio feed of the performers speaking. However, displaying the captions for everyone might be distracting if they are not completely accurate. Unfortunately Edinburgh is full of venues with awful sight lines during the festival, but a screen or projection can be easily set up to be viewed by a certain section off the audience, as is usually the case with a BSL interpreter facing a particular section of seats during a performance.

    Exhibiting captions is a larger issue in my mind, and one that can be solved by venues. You need a screen or projection to show the captions to the audience. You can use a system to have captions on a phone for an audience member but then they have to look away from the performance to read them, so ideally you’d have them next to or embedded into the performance in some way on the stage. However, it is unreasonable to expect every show to bring up their own TV monitors or projectors, so venues should supply some sort of audio-visual equipment as standard in every space, even just a £50 TV screen off of Gumtree, so that captions can be created by artists and displayed without undue weight on the limited resources of a theatre company.

    Also, if you’re planning on having AD and captions, make it available for every performance, why limit it? If it’s built into the show properly then there’s no need to remove it.

    Consider this? As a storyteller you want your story to be understood by the audience so that they can be entertained, enlightened, or bonded socially. We make creative decisions to allow us to do this whenever we make a show. Who we cast, how it’s performed, how the script is structured or paced, the order of the scenes in the story, the likability of the characters, how sections are highlighted by lights, sound, props, set, etc. By not including captions and AD you’re just limiting the people your story can reach, and doing so in a discriminatory and ableist way.

  • BSL interpretation is more difficult to provide because it is more expensive and harder to organise for the average theatre company. I’d recommend using BSL if you know you’ll have BSL users in your audience, or you want to appeal to them with your show. There are not enough BSL interpreters for the number of shows that want to use them and, because artists use them inappropriately all the time, it can be hard to find interpreters for smaller events. There are rules artists don’t know, like how most shows require multiple interpreters due swapping them out every 15 minutes unless the interpreter is rehearsed into the show. Not every interpreter can interpret for every BSL user, there are dialects of BSL and personal preferences of the audience that can cause interference in the clarity of the interpretation. However, for larger organisations, BSL should be provided for the same reason as above, accessibility is a right.

    For some of our own innovations around this topic, you can find a wealth of resources on DaDa's The Space-funded Augmented Reality BSL interpretations here.

  • Finally, just commit to having relaxed performances, I guarantee that nine times out of ten your lighting and sound design is not so important that it should bar audiences from your show.


To Critics

Press organisations should actively seek out more reviewers with lived experience of disability, Deafness, or neurodiversity to review shows as non-disabled and neurotypical reviewers were particularly bad at ignoring, overlooking, or misinterpreting these elements in shows this year.

It’s not just with disability art that this should be rectified for, but it should be rectified alongside reviews from different global majority heritages, socio-economic backgrounds, ages, and gender identities.

Neurodiverse Review has been an absolute godsend this year! The Fringe Society and venues should support them at all costs so that it can continue for many fringes to come.


To Audiences

Money talks and artists care about online praise and positive publicity. Thoroughly praise venues and artists with good access in their shows if you can, so that it feels worthwhile to those as of yet unconvinced. This can also help other audiences find those shows doing it effectively.

Other than that, this isn’t your problem. Information should be simple and easy to find, not hidden away in sub menus on websites. Spaces and shows should be accessible. Is it really that difficult for a venue to get an access specialist in and to follow their recommendations? It can be harder for a show to make a production accessible if resources are tight, which they are for everyone at the moment, but larger and more established production companies, working with bigger budgets, should be doing better.


  • Artists should do better at building affordable access into their work from the ground up, it doesn’t have to be difficult and some is better than none

  • Venues should offer a lot more to support artists in doing this, and to allow audiences to attend physical and digital versions of performances (both are crucial)

  • Incentives should be given to shows that are taking access seriously

  • Publications should employ more disabled press and critics

  • Audiences who have the energy for it should continue to fight for better access overall and praise good practice

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'Tuning In' with Adam Fenton

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3 Jun 2021
Young people onstage, the foremost of which has long brown hair, wears denim dungarees with a pink tshirt and is looking offstage to her left.

Call Out: DaDaFest x NSDF

An opportunity for young Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists to come together and create work for NSDF festival. 

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24 May 2021

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Today, 24 May 2021, we would like to share DaDaFest’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion statement. 

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12 May 2021

Tune in to a new rehearsed reading!

A DaDaFest-supported Adam Fenton sharing with GRAEAE and Theatre by the Lake

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Fests in the North West!

Fab festivals to check out in Liverpool and Manchester

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DaDaFest Florescence Fellows

Meet the DaDaFest Florescence Fellows!

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27 Apr 2021

Aidan Moesby's Digital Café

From a DaDaFest Library Commission to a Digital Café!

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15 Mar 2021

DaDaFest Ensemble musician call out

Are you a musician with a passion for creating new music?

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17 Feb 2021

Nickie Miles-Wildin and Grace Ng announced as new joint head of Liverpool’s DaDaFest

We're very excited to announce our new joint Artistic Director & CEO

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2 Feb 2021

Hip Hop Dance project with Blackfest!

DaDaFest is supporting a series of workshops from Blackfest, making hip hop dance accessible to d/Deaf or disabled participants

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4 Dec 2020

Translations: Your Feedback

Please fill in our questionnaire about your experience of Translations.

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3 Dec 2020

Coming Soon...

Here are some exciting events to look forward to in 2021 from DaDaFest.

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28 Nov 2020

Artist Blog: The Making of First Do No Harm

Find out about Helen Seymour's piece featured in our festival programme!

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30 Oct 2020

Panels, Q&As and more additions to our Festival programme!

Panels, podcasts and further additions to our DaDaFest International programme!

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27 Oct 2020

Call out for participants - "Scars: Memories of the Skin"

Share your story as part of Ngozi Ugochukwu's DaDaFest International exhibition. 

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27 Oct 2020

Call out for underrepresented BSL interpreters

A call out for registered interpreters who identify as LGBTQIA+ and/or as BIPOC

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23 Oct 2020

CEO / Artistic Director Job

We are looking for someone to lead DaDaFest into our next phase.

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15 Oct 2020

DaDaFest International Programme Announcement!

Find out what's in store from our 2020 festival line-up!

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25 Sep 2020

Join the cast of Laurence Clark's 'Cured'

Apply to join the cast of 'Cured', a play in development with Liverpool's Royal Court

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22 Sep 2020

Deaf Rave Festival 2020

Countdown to Deaf Rave Festival 2020 this weekend!

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10 Sep 2020

Meet the Artists in Translations 2020

We're pleased to announce some of the artists who'll be taking part in DaDaFest International 2020: Translations.

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27 Aug 2020

A call out for d/Deaf, disabled or neurodivergent composers

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Celebrating 50 years of Alf’s Act with Manchester Histories

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Introducing our Digital Producer

Introducing the latest addition to the DaDaFest team!

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31 Jul 2020

Our Artist Call Out is now closed!

After an exciting month of receiving submissions from around the world, applications for our DaDaFest Commissions have now closed across all three strands. 

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7 Jul 2020

Venice International Performance Art Week: Pierce Starre's Reflections

Reflections on Venice International Performance Art Week from live artist, Pierce Starre

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30 Jun 2020

We Shall Not Be Removed Alliance

We've joined a new disability arts alliance. Find out more about the campaign!

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26 Jun 2020

Artist Call Out: Libraries Commission

A brand new call out for work by disabled artists themed around libraries.

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18 Jun 2020

A statement from DaDaFest

Addressing the need for change and a more intersectional approach.

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8 Jun 2020

Artist Call Out for New Commissions

Updates on our festival and a new call out for work by disabled artists!

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13 May 2020

Broken Biscuits at LightNight at home

Celebrate #LightNightAtHome with a DaDaFest commission.

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28 Apr 2020

Top Tammy Reynolds moments!

Celebrate good news from a DaDaFest-supported artist by revisiting our events.

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24 Apr 2020

Support for Frontline Workers

Result CIC are offering support sessions to frontline workers. Get in touch!

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18 Apr 2020

Funding opportunities for artists

An overview of Arts Council Emergy Funding and more paid opportunities

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2 Apr 2020

DaDaFest Scratch: Our Advisors' Review

Our advisory group give us their thoughts on DaDaFest Scratch at Unity Theatre. 

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20 Mar 2020
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COVID-19: an update from DaDaFest

Following government guidance and in order to protect our artists, participants and staff, the DaDaFest office will be closed until further notice, with all team-members now working remotely. 

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21 Feb 2020

'Footsteps Quiet in Shadow' - Ben Lunn tells us more!

With DaDaFest-supported concert, ‘Footsteps Quiet in Shadow’ coming up, 4 March at The Bluecoat, we asked composer, Ben Lunn, to tell as a bit more about the line-up. 

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31 Jan 2020

Marshmallows and #SquadGoals

Find out what we learned from our Rushton/Raw day of events.


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13 Jan 2020

Call Out: DaDaFest Advisors

We are looking for D/deaf or disabled individuals with a passion for the arts to join our group of advisors and help shape the future of DaDaFest. Could this be you?

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29 Oct 2019

DaDaFest and Unity Theatre announce exciting new partnership

DaDaFest is delighted to announce a brand new partnership with innovative, radical and pioneering Liverpool arts venue, Unity Theatre.

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29 Oct 2019

DaDaFest Artist Self-Development Programme

We are excited to be launching a programme of workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions for artists who identify as disabled or D/deaf*.

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28 Oct 2019

Dr Erin Pritchard chairs panel discussion at Disabled Women in Arts and Culture: Who’s Calling the Shots?

We are delighted to have Dr Erin Pritchard act as chair of the panel discussion of our landmark event.

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30 Aug 2019

Artistic Director Ruth Gould leaves DaDaFest

After almost 20 years of service, Ruth Gould is leaving DaDaFest to move on to pastures new. 

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29 May 2019

Introducing…DaDaFest Ensemble!

Our very first DaDaFest Scratch is fast approaching and in the lead up, we would like to introduce you to some of the talented artists who will be performing at the event.

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1 May 2019

DaDaFest Scratch

DaDaFest is launching a new programme of events over the next three years to celebrate the best of disability art in the North West. 

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30 Apr 2019

Pupils invited to music premiere!

Free live music experience direct to the classroom. 

DaDaFest Ensemble to perform new composition, live from Liverpool Philharmonic.

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25 Jan 2019

Get a taste of the creative industries

As part of DaDaFest’s Artist Development Programme, we are offering ten placements within the creative industries. 

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24 Jan 2019

Introducing our new Chair…Sally Gannon

We are delighted to introduce Sally Gannon as the new Chair on our Board of Trustees. Sally joins us from Liverpool John Moores University where she is Strategic Planning Officer.

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22 Jan 2019

We’ve opened registration to our Artist Development programme

We can help you achieve your goals.

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10 Dec 2018

DaDaFest International 2018 hailed a success

Thousands of visitors from across the UK and beyond experienced the five-week DaDaFest International which took place at host venues across the Liverpool City Region.

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5 Dec 2018

Artistic Director Ruth Gould appointed as one of five new Patrons to Graeae Theatre Company

We are delighted to announce that our Artistic Director, Ruth Gould, has been appointed as one of five new Patrons to Graeae Theatre Company.

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3 Dec 2018

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2018

We are delighted to be parterning with Liverpool City Council to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a day which aims to promote an understanding of disability issues.

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27 Nov 2018

DaDaFest International 2018 Emerging Artists: Destination Sound

Destination Sound is a platform for new music celebrating the talent and creativity of Disabled musicians.

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20 Nov 2018

DaDaFest International 2018 Emerging Artists: Jordan Connerty

There are some amazing emerging artists who are performing new work as part of DaDaFest International 2018. We are following a few of them as they make their way to the stage.

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20 Nov 2018

Acclaimed disability arts organisation DaDaFest work with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Performers visited patients at Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to stage a special dance performance organised by DaDaFest.

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20 Nov 2018

Francesca Martinez visits two North West venues as part of DaDaFest International 2018

The award-winning comedian brings her What The **** Is Normal show to Liverpool and St Helens

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31 Oct 2018

A handy at-a-glance festival event list

We've put together a handy list of all the events that are taking place throughout DaDaFest International 2018.

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31 Oct 2018

A festival chat with our Artistic Director

We sat down with our Artistic Director, Ruth Gould, to have a chat about DaDaFest International 2018. 

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25 Sep 2018

DaDaFest announce their festival programme

DaDaFest International returns to Liverpool City Region venues this autumn showcasing a series of high-quality cutting-edge work.

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28 Jun 2018

Announcing...Sir Ken Robinson!

We are delighted to have on board a new patron.

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28 Jun 2018

DaDaFest International 2018 announced with performance by Jess Thom

Award-winning disability and D/deaf arts organisation DaDaFest announces Merseyside wide festival this November.

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26 Apr 2018

Performers and theatre makers call out

Unity Theatre, Action Transport Theatre and DaDaFest are working together to create a high quality seasonal show based on the story of Beauty and the Beast for family audiences in December 2018.

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16 Oct 2017

Sir Bert Massie CBE

Last night we heard the sad news that Sir Bert Massie has passed away.

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13 Sep 2017

Daphne Does Good at DaDaFest

Agony Aunt, Daphne will be the very, very special guest at DaDaFest’s Past, Present & Possibilities at the Bluecoat

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22 Aug 2017

Introduction from Ruth Gould

Greetings friends, comrades, supporters and visitors. 

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14 Jul 2017

Past, Present & Possibilities.

Celebrating 300 years of the Bluecoat

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29 Jun 2017

Creative UK Prosper Programme

A good week just got even better! 

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23 Jun 2017

Thank you Chris…

It was with great sadness that I learnt of Chris Hammond’s passing this week

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14 Jun 2017

DaDaFest in the Spotlight

Barry Avison featured on ITV’s Good Morning.

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25 May 2017

Congratulations Ruth

Awarded an Honorary Fellowship by  Liverpool John Moores University

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25 May 2017

Call Out For Bluecoat 300

DaDaFest Mini-Commissions

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30 Mar 2017

My trip to Yerevan, Armenia

I was lucky to be offered to opportunity to visit Yerevan in Armenia.

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1 Mar 2017

Young Disabled People Putting Together Our Arts Festival

"If art, all art, is concerned with truth, then a society in denial will not find much use for it."

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24 Feb 2017

Young DaDa Ensemble Project Video

Watch a fantastic new video from our pioneering Young DaDa Ensemble 

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7 Feb 2017

Palestine & The Joys of Flying

Currently, I am on the plane to Munich where I ought to catch a connecting flight direct to Manchester.

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25 Jan 2017

3 Days in Ramallah, Palestine

Two days in and I am in love

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25 Jan 2017

Under the Skin with Jenny Sealey MBE

Under the Skin is a series of interviews conducted during DaDaFest International 2016. 

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23 Jan 2017

Under the Skin with John McGrath

Under the Skin is a series of interviews conducted during DaDaFest International 2016.

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18 Jan 2017

My Time at DaDaFest

Rebecca Andrews our Digital Marketing Apprentice finished her apprenticeship this month.

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5 Jan 2017

Young DaDaFest 2017 Open Call

Showcasing the creativity of disabled and deaf young people from Merseyside.

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1 Nov 2016

Respect Project 2016 Open Workshops

Are you a young woman aged 16 or over? Would you like to have your voice heard?

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26 Oct 2016

Young DaDaFest 2017 Announcement

Young DaDaFest will return bigger and better than ever for 2017!

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16 Aug 2016

DaDaFest Receives Funding

DaDaFest is delighted to announce that we have received a grant from Big Lottery Fund for “DaDaFest Rookies”.

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27 Jul 2016

Young DaDaFest Perform

I was really excited to see Young DaDaFest

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12 Jul 2016

Young DaDaFest 2016: Music Review

Guest reviewer Tammy Reynolds sums up her thoughts on the first of this year’s Young DaDaFest events

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3 May 2016

Xander & The Peace Pirates

Xander & The Peace Pirates Perform for our Young DaDa Ensemble

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26 Apr 2016

Young DaDaFest 2016 Announcement

Award Nominated Young DaDaFest Expands into Trio of Events 

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25 Nov 2015

DaDaFest Hosts First Ever Rushton Social Justice Lecture

DaDaFest Hosts First Ever Rushton Social Justice Lecture

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17 Feb 2015

Young DaDaFest 2015 – Open Call

This year’s Young DaDaFest will be happening at the Everyman Theatre.

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21 Jan 2015

Watch Recipe for Scouse Online Now

Young DaDa Recipe for Scouse Film is available to watch online.

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