The Third House


22nd November 2021 - 22nd December 2021
Artist Amina Atiq in a library with a group of people

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Amina Atiq curates a collection of work, titled 'The Third House' based around her experience of her shared Yemeni heritage, which addresses the theme of 'Diaspora' in collaboration with Yemeni artists and writers. Over the summer, she facilitated a Yemeni-Artist exchange day at the Yemeni centre in Cairo, where all the artists gathered together to explore the theme of diaspora and created a scratch performance in response.

The collection of work delivers a selection of film, photography and paintings. The audience will be able to view this online, alongside this they will be able to read a thoughtful written response of 'What is Next?' by Amina Atiq of her experiences in Cairo.

This was inspired by deconstructing her earliest work, of Broken Biscuits which untangles identity inspired by her late Gran-parents life in Britain in the 1960s. This collection of work is to aid the future of Broken Biscuits as in-person exhibition for DaDa 2022

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What is DaDaFest Scratch?

Scratch is an exciting opportunity, a creative space for disabled, Deaf and neurodivergent artists to showcase the early ideas of a piece of work. It is a place for them to discover, to discuss, to develop and to explore potential next steps.

Work developed for Scratch may go on to form part of our DaDaFest International Festival next year.

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