Words Collect In My Mouth; Conversations on Intimacy and Repair

An online and in-print publication by Yewande 103

22nd November 2021 - 09th January 2022
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For DaDaFest 2020 Alexandrina Hemsley compiled a publication drawing together elements of her disability and social justice-led inquiries of the past six years.

The collection of texts and images stem from the prompt, ‘How does one (individuals and communities) return to intimacy after experiences, or within the aftermaths of violence (systemic, institutional, personal, intergenerational)?’

Alongside Alexandrina, the publication brings together several pieces from the following artists, activists, facilitators, researchers and practitioners:

Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson

Nad Ma

Nina Mühlemann

Noa Winter


Oshilaja Hemsley

Raju Rage

Rebekah Ubuntu

Vijay Patel

Themes of creativity, connection, love, rage, access, decolonisation, repair and future speculations emerge through these collective voices.

‘Words Collect in My Mouth; Conversations on Intimacy and Repair’ was created in 2020 for DaDaFest International Festival: Translations. The release of this publication was postponed. We are pleased to publish this publication both in digtal and print for this years DaDafest Scratch 21. Those who preordered physical copies in 2020 will receive them in the post after DaDaFest Scratch 2021.

If you would like to order one of the remaining limited edition hard copy publications of Words Collect In My Mouth: Conversations on Intimacy and Repair, please email info@dadafest.co.uk with your name and postal address.

ACCESS: The pieces in this publication have been audio recorded. You can find the links to audio content for at the start of each article and here:https://soundcloud.com/yewande103/sets/words-collect-in-my-mouth.


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