Skin Deep

22nd November 2021 - 22nd December 2021
A black and white image of a scar

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Following up her project ‘Scars: Memories of the Skin’, artist Ngozi Ugochukwu delves deeper into the subject by looking closer at her own scars. 

With more than 20 scars on her body, each one telling a different story, Skin Deep is a courageous and intimate look at Ngozi's journey of acceptance.

‘I look at my scars like a life record engraved on my skin. I used to hate them and didn’t like both the emotional and physical memories they evoked. With ‘Memories of the Skin’ I realised how for many people scars are part of their identity and sometimes are even celebrated. In a way, ‘Skin Deep’ is me coming round to accept them and look at them from a different perspective.

'I wanted to break with the look of my last project, where pictures were taken mainly on mobile phone and had a blunter and more real look. I find Black and White has a greater emotional impact on the viewer. I also love how black skin is rendered on Black and White photography - with its smoother textures I hope it will invite people to admire the prints for longer (I don’t want the audience to run away when they look at my scars!). The lack of colour should also help for viewers to focus on the subject without any other distracting elements.'

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