Crash Landing: A Theatrical Sensory Experience (online version)

Rhiannon May

23rd November 2022 - 18th December 2022
Text reading 'Crash Landing A Theatrical Sensory Experience' alongside disco balls and a white, brunette woman wearing green lipstick and antennae

‘Crash Landing: A Theatrical Sensory Experience’ invited the audience into a transformed theatre space, to explore three distinctive and exciting worlds within ‘Planet Zoe’. 

Zoe, an exuberant deaf space explorer, dramatically crash landed on a strange planet a year ago, a strange planet that she now calls home..

This performance will welcome the audience to explore it alongside her. Turning chronological narrative on its head, the audience will experience the show in a non chronological format, and will be travelling around and within a recording of the space.

Digital elements include BSL video performance, and stop animation creative caption storytelling as part of this alien-inspired chaos. There really is something for everyone on Planet Zoe!

Event duration
A window of up to 70 minutes per slot allowed a generous amount of time to move around the space in Unity Theatre.

Ticket price
Pay What You Decide

Audio description, BSL/English, Creative captions

Age guidance

Suitable for all audiences

Content Warnings

This show potentially could be sensorily overstimulating. Uses haze, bubbles, and a lot of colourful, though not strobing, lighting

Booking Options

Please note: The online release of this production has been delayed for technical reasons, so we can ensure the digital version is fully accessible to our audiences. It will now be released on November 23. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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Ticket to watch a recording of this event, available on demand from 23 November until 18 December
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