At The Very End of Our Fingertips


27th November 2021 - 27th November 2021
Alia Alzougbi

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‘At The Very End of Our Fingertips’ is an experiment by Alia Alzougbi to deepen the connection between artist and audience through live digital performance. As a performance storyteller, Alia relied on spoken feasts with the audience in the same physical space. With COVID, the opportunity to enjoy live art through our screens widened the parameters of inclusion for audiences previously excluded and disabled by an arts scene that normalizes barriers to mobility.

In this work, she explores this tension between embracing the potential for increased inclusivity through digital performance, while seeking the deep connection in a shared space. She will try.

Alia builds on ‘Threads’, a film that brings together four Deaf and disabled women of colour: Alia Alzougbi, Rihab Azar, Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings and Nadia Nadarajah.

Through the mediums of storytelling, music, visual arts and performance interpretation, we addressed themes around the severance from heritage through colonialism and migration, touching on environmental sustainability, by looking back to the oral folklore and life-ways of the Bedouin, nomadic tribes in the Arab region who, for years, have been experiencing forced settlement and cultural erasure.

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What is DaDaFest Scratch?

Scratch is an exciting opportunity, a creative space for disabled, Deaf and neurodivergent artists to showcase the early ideas of a piece of work. It is a place for them to discover, to discuss, to develop and to explore potential next steps.

Work developed for Scratch may go on to form part of our DaDaFest International Festival next year.

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