Arts D’Visions

11th March 2016 - 11th March 2016

Arts D’Visions was a half-day seminar hosted by DaDaFest in association with the Liverpool Everyman on Friday 11 March 2016. The event addressed issues around the lack of representation and engagement within disability arts by Black, Asian and other Ethnic artists. An action plan to help change the current position was also created. The seminar was chaired by Dr Ossie Stuart and the speakers included: Deborah Williams, Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh, Karl Eversley, George Matheson and Faith Bebbington.

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Arts D'Visions Transcript


Original Event Description

Is there an issue in the UK as to the lack of representation or engagement by Black, Asian and other ethnic artists and communities within the disability arts sector? If there are issues, why is this case? What barriers limit or prevent more active participation? Is this just a cultural issue for the UK? Is there something we should do as artists and cultural leaders to bring about change and more inclusive and diverse practice?

DaDaFest in partnership with the Liverpool Everyman is hosting a half day seminar to allow a group of invited leaders, experts and artists to meet and discuss not only these issues, but also develop an action plan that identifies the barriers to participation and investigates what we can do to change this current position.

We will create a forum where people will listen, share ideas and come up with workable solutions. Ensuring diverse voices lead (and white people listen!)



Delegate Pack

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“There’s been a lot of talk and only a little action. So surely the last thing the drive for diversity needs is another pointless talking shop? Luckily, Art D’Visions was anything but that.”

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Stay tuned for a video from the event to be uploaded soon.

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