Are we in an era post Disability Art?

03rd December 2018 - 03rd December 2018
A photo of a Allan Sutherland

Colin Hambrook and Trish Wheatley from Disability Arts Online host a panel discussion and invite the audience to respond to a recent provocation questioning perceptions of the Disability Arts Movement, past, present and future.

Darren Henley, Chief Executive of Arts Council England, will open the event with a short presentation on how the Arts Council intends to support the future development of disabled artists.   

Allan Sutherland performs extracts from his new collection of transcription poetry drawn from oral history interviews with disabled artists. As part of the D4D project, Allan Sutherland is carrying out research through his arts practice to explore the notion of community within disability arts.

Linked to this, is Disability Arts Online’s research and reflection on disability, the arts and the impact of funding policy, austerity and digital technology on community.

The session will explore the following questions:

1. How has the shift in economic policies and the withdrawal of state support for disabled people affected the creation of disability art? Have the barriers faced by disabled people changed? How do we see those changes played out through our art?

2. What impact has the internet had on the disability sector? How has the shift from disabled people coming together in the communal space to communicate in the digital space affected our disabled identity?

3. If we define Disability Art as art made by disabled people for disabled people about the experience of disability, how might we define post Disability Art? 

Read the full provocation here: 

This event is part of the D4D project, funded by the AHRC’s Connected Communities research programme.

Running time 2 hours. 

This event will be live streamed on our Facebook page. Search for @DaDaFest.

In addition to BSL interpretation, a lip speaker is available.

The event will be live streamed.


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