Natalie Amber


Black and white photo of Natalie Amber

Natalie Amber is an Actress, Dancer, and Theatre Maker who has worked across TV, Theatre and Film for 10yrs.

'As a dancer my passion has always been in devised and physical theatre, creating work that pushed the boundaries of what 'Theatre' is .

My curiosity lies in who we are as people, how we act, how we behave. 

I worked for 6 months in the US with Double Edge Theatre, their multidisciplinary work had a huge influence on her work, and i had the chance to tour with them in  Angel, a multimedia piece humanising living with the struggle of Mental Health issues.

I had to take a seven year break after acquiring my disability 10yrs ago. During that time I came to understand a world that was now full of barriers, but I now see this as a unique gift as a creative to find exists to the barriers.

Working with Graeae in The House of Bernard Alba in 2016, took my understanding of how to embed access to a whole new level, and has been the driving force of my work.

The Arts shouldn't be for the privileged few. With SpokeCast we are hoping to bring it into the mainstream. On the side I dabble in Drag. Mr S is my cheeky Drag take of Shakespeare.'

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