Clare McNulty


Clare McNulty pours tea from a teapot

Clare McNulty is a queer multidisciplinary artist, sculptor writer, singer and performer. Developing work with The Lowry Theatre, The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester International Festival, Box of Tricks Theatre and more recently a pop up comedy hairdressers ‘curl up and dye in Oldham’ at Oldham Library Theatre. The character makes people cringe giggle so much their bones hurt.

Clare’s work is sometimes political, she is presently developing a disturbingly warped recycled uranium glass and ceramic series that explores her feelings about society which she plans to exhibit.

Clare is hoping to bring to the podcast, a fresh take on truly holistic and psychosexual needs of disabled people. Clare is disabled and neurodivergent herself and was a mental health nurse alongside careers in new media and creative expressive therapies. Now, in her spare time, when she’s not creating, she squeaks around in her latex in the shadows for she is a disabled Dominatrix and has a back catalogue of surreal comedy kink stories that should probably come with some sort of warning.

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