Adam Fenton

A caucasian person with brown hair and blue eyes

Adam is a neurodiverse writer and performer from Lancashire. Adam creates work that explores identity, disability, and challenging of perception. They are a playwright working with Graeae, Oldham Coliseum, Theatre by the Lake, and Box of Tricks. A member of the BBC Writers Access Group and winner of the Evening Standard's Future Theatre Fund Acting award, Adam is excited to be developing their one-person play '//Tuning In//', a story about disability prejudice and the dangers of misunderstanding.  

'My practice is constantly growing as I discover more about my identity and relationship to disability. Being part of a process like this gives me the space to investigate new and interesting ways that neurodiversity factors into my writing and acting creating dynamic and exciting art. It also allows me to nurture sustainable and accessible practice to guide my artistic journey.'

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