DaDaFest International

Woman in wheelchair on stage holding her hands in mid air next to a man dressed as a priest

Image: 'Assisted Suicide: the Musical' by Liz Carr at DaDaFest International 2016

Every two years we deliver the critically acclaimed and award-winning DaDaFest International. The biennial festival showcases high quality and exciting work in key arts venues across the city region which challenge stereotypes and celebrate disability and deaf cultures.

The programme is influenced and built by artists and organisations from around the world and focuses on the ‘lived experience of disability’.

We work with:
• Disabled, Deaf and neurodivergent artists
• Disability organisations
• Non-disabled and hearing artists
• Non-disability arts and cultural organisations, from the UK, Europe and beyond.

We want our festival to stimulate debate on how the arts:
• Empower
• Change thinking
• Capture cultural nuances
• Shape movements
• Bring us together 
• Convert the ‘them’ and ‘us’ to ‘us’ – all playing part in our collective humanity’.

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