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What sort of opportunities are available to me?

We offer all sorts of avenues for artists. For those who are looking to develop existing skills, we run mentoring sessions with a professional in that field for example an illustrator or a photographer. This is perfect for artists who have some experience in their field and are looking for guidance on how to take the next step.

We can also offer a flexible work placement which enables you to go and experience just what it’s like to work in the arts. This is ideal if you are an artist just dipping your toe in the water and exploring what you want to do.

We also offer grants of up to £1,000 to support your development in the creative industries.

I’m really into music and want to develop my skills – how can you support me?

We run a programme called DaDaFest Ensemble. It’s a training opportunity specifically for young musicians. It’s all about working with others to create unique music which is performed live at our annual Young DaDaFest events.

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That sounds great but I love drama…

We have a programme for you too! With our wonderful partner The Everyman we run a weekly drama session which puts emphasis on working with others to develop a drama piece. There is also the opportunity to perform the final work at Young DaDaFest.

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What about if I’m more interested in developing my skills behind the scenes?

Our Young Leaders programme is for young people aged 18 and over. This is about empowering young disabled people and equipping them with the skills to influence decision making in the creative sector. The principal task for Young Leaders is to assist with the planning of our annual Young DaDaFest.

What is the application process?

It’s really important for us to listen to the individual artist and tailor a programme which is right for you. After submitting an application form, a member of our Programmes team will have an initial chat with you to find out what you aim to achieve and how we can help.

Is my artistic development programme free?

The programme is free of charge and DaDaFest will pay for access support if required.

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