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Programme Front Cover Image Credits: Top Left: Assisted Suicide: The Musical by Manuel Vason, Top Right: Amadou and Mariam by Benoit Peverelli, Bottom Left: Skin – Maxine 2000 by Alexa Wright, Bottom Right: Stelarc at the Roy Stringer Lecture at FACT by Mark McNulty, it shows Stelarc, a Cypriot born, Australian performance artist in his 60’s, facing the camera from above the waist.  He is wearing a black nylon jacket and is holding his left arm up, bent at the elbow joint to reveal a surgically constructed and cell-grown ear structure on the inner part of his forearm.  He is pulling the sleeve of his jacket back along his arm with his right hand.

PDF Brochure

Click here: Download the DaDaFest International 2016 Festival Brochure to view our Fold-out listings brochure. You can print this off on your PC by opening the PDF. You will also be able to find them out and about around Merseyside very soon!

Large Print Brochure

Click here: Download the Large Print Brochure to view the large print plain text version of the brochure.

Audio Described Brochure

We’ve produced an audio version of the brochure. This is split into two sections, one is an introduction to the festival containing information about the festival theme, venues, funders and contact information and the second reads out our full list of events.

Click here to download Part 1 (Introduction, Venues & Contact Info): 
Download Part 1 – Introduction, Venues & Contact Info as an mp3

Click here to download Part 2 (Festival Programme): 
Download Part 2 – Events Programme as an mp3

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