DaDa Consults

The team at DaDa are experts, not only in their respective roles as producers, administrators, directors, accountants and so on, but in their specific and detailed applications of their knowledge towards disabled, Deaf and neurodivergent people and your / their requirements.

As such, we can offer consultancy services to anyone seeking support in:

  • artistic programming for disabled, Deaf and neurodivergent participants and audiences
  • producing work by and for disabled, Deaf and neurodivergent people
  • developing best practice as a venue for disabled, Deaf and neurodivergent performers and customers
  • public speaking opportunities

Our staff represent a great deal in terms of intelligence and experience with disability issues. We have presented across the globe and seek to make sure disability issues remain pertinent within changing and challenging world. 

Consultancy fees are dependant upon your specific needs and how we might best match them. For an informal conversation about your requirements, send us an email.

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