Rhiannon May

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Rhiannon Jones gently smiles to camera in a close up. She uses a hearing aid.

Rhiannon May is an actor, theatre-maker, and artist based in Liverpool. She aims to create work with access running through its core and is most excited by art that weaves creativity and access together seamlessly!

As a textile artist, Rhiannon generally creates work such as quilting and embroidery and is currently really interested in experimenting with ways to combine her artwork with performance.

Rhiannon is also an actor, recently appearing in BBC Silent Witness (series 24) and Swanage Rep’s musical production of ‘Princess and the Pauper’. Deaf representation on screen and on stage is a huge passion for her alongside showing that the Deaf community is gloriously diverse – there is not just one way to be deaf!

Deaf and disabled artists are taking the industry by storm and with DaDaFest’s support, Rhiannon is honoured to contribute to this exciting shift in the arts industry, towards a more diverse and true representation of our world.

Twitter: @rhiannon1may

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