Dr. Miro Griffiths MBE

Board Members and Advisors

Miro is an activist, scholar, and policy adviser on disability. He currently works in a teaching and research role at the University of Leeds – School of Sociology and Social Policy, and is connected to the internationally renowned Centre for Disability Studies. He became involved in disability activism at the age of 14, after being introduced to the social model of disability. Miro is committed to disabled people's emancipation, and considers disability to be a political identity. He considers disability to be produced by the political, economic, cultural, and social structures within society. Disability is an experience of denied opportunities and restricted participation, which is imposed upon people with health conditions, impairments, and diagnostic labels.

Miro is an adviser on disability policy to the UK Department of Health and Social Care, UK Department of Work and Pensions, the European Commission, and the Liverpool City Region Fairness and Social Justice Advisory Board. He is a member of the Disability Advisory Committee at the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission, and advises the British Council on disability issues in a global context. He is passionate about disabled people's organisations, and is a board member for the Alliance for Inclusive Education, Cheshire Centre for Independent Living, and the Independent Living Institute.

His interests include disability activism and social movements, inclusive education, and disability culture. Miro is committed to disability arts, as he considers it essential for reflecting upon and challenging the position of disabled people within society. Disability arts is a vehicle for disrupting oppressive and marginalising values and ideas, whilst illustrating the importance of inclusive practices to ensure all disabled people have the opportunity to comment on how culture can be oppressive and emancipatory.

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