Young Leaders


Kat’s first project was the Young DaDaFest Leaders meeting at the Everyman. She’s been to lots since. She went to see Reasons to be Cheerful at the Everyman and Playhouse. She liked how they didn’t leave anyone out. There was a mixture of disabled and non-disabled actors.

Outside of DaDaFest, Kat is with the visual arts group, Blue Room based in The Bluecoat. She also went to Creative Minds Conference in Manchester and took part in lots of different workshops. It helped with her confidence. She also did a speech with people and it was really good.

She loves making new friends. DaDaFest Young Leaders has helped Kat understand to help organise other events and she feel confident to talk to people and encourage them to join in. Through DaDaFest, Kat has started meeting new people and going to different venues, as well as learning new skills and singing.

Her future plans are to learn how to lead a Young Leaders workshop as well as how to perform on stage. She also works in a school in Smithdown and works with adults in Oakfield. Her favourite band is McFly.

For Kat, DaDaFest is: friendly, welcoming, happy.

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