Young Leaders


Jordan’s first project with DaDaFest was a film called School-Aggeddeon at Abbots Lea School. The first event he attended was Young DaDaFest 2013 at Liverpool John Moores University. Jordan has been a member of YEP for two years and has featured in many films. He’s been involved with Young DaDaFest ever since. He compered Young DaDaFest 2016 Perform. He’s also been involved with DaDaFest International. In 2016 he reprised the role of Edward Rushton at the Museum of Liverpool for International Disability Day (3 December). 

He’s currently part of the Love History re-enactment group. Jordan credits DaDaFest with his confidence boost and his skills have improved a lot. He’s more social with people, he used to be much shyer.  

Next year he wants to perform at the Everyman. He sees it as his second home is eager to perform again. Jordan wants to be more of an actor and to perform in front of everyone. He loves history and is an Evertonian!

DaDaFest in three words: supportive, amazing, privileged.


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