Hormoz Ahmadzadeh

Board Members and Advisors

Hormoz is a Middle Eastern male with datk hair, beard and glasses

What is your role at DaDa?
I joined the board of DaDa in January 2022. This was preceded by the delivery of development programmes including coaching, to several groups at DaDa including staff since 2018.

My interest in the arts and being a disabled person attracted me to this role. I work to empower marginalised people to become role models via the social enterprise I co-direct, Result CIC.

What does that mean?
I find art as a form of both challenge and healing. As someone diagnosed with bipolar 22 years ago, the arts have helped me considerably in my recovery. I, therefore, believe in an organisation that promotes expression through the many forms of art.

As a trustee, I want to ensure that we look at exciting and even more creative ways of expression. Ensuring that the staff have the capacity in enabling artists to give their best, and to create innovative and engaging art.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Travelling makes me feel free and I love it. Apart from that contemporary dance can be a great source of satisfaction. Films, reading and I better not forget food are all essential. As I have dogs, walking with them is a major focus. I love the fact that they take me out daily, rain or shine!

Contact me if...
… you want to know about coaching or the coaching approach to being a leader. Or more about work within the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion area. My work reflects my values of helping others, growth, and inclusion for all.

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