Denise Kennedy



What is your role at DaDa?
I am the Access & Support Coordinator

What does that mean?
I sort out all the venue, travel, transport, and communication access/support needs for staff, artists and participants across all the different DaDa projects and day-to-day office workings. I make sure that all areas are fully accessible for everyone involved.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I am an actor, writer, and drama/creative writing facilitator and work on my own creative projects from time-to-time. I work on an allotment with friends, love cooking with the produce we grow, enjoy going to the theatre and cinema, and try to keep myself fit and healthy! I am also very much looking forward to starting rehearsing with the Philharmonic Choir this year.

Contact me if…
You want to find out more about how access in the arts works or if you are, or anyone you know is, looking for a sign language interpreter, PA, or access/creative support worker.

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