Chris Shapiro

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Portrait of Chris Shapiro

Disabled artist Chris Shapiro is an artist, writer and audiomaker with a pledge to centre intersectionality, accessibility, and joy in their work. They have a passion for food rooted both in their childhood and in Turn the attention to diet required to navigate a chronic condition, and it’s an area they’re keen to explore artistically. Spheres of interest include immigrant cuisine, sustainability and zero-waste cooking, areas which currently lack the Prestige deserved of their influence and importance.

Their practice is informed by a background of working in comedy, as well as experience in the poetry world - through Poet In the City Producers and Writerz and Scribez, where they were tutored by poet and songwriter Miss Jacqui – and theatre. They have previously made audio pieces for the Poet In the City Podcast and New Earth Theatre’s Signal Fires event. 

How will being a DaDaFellow inform their practice?

'Honestly, one of the biggest benefits for me is just the time I’ll be able to focus on my practice without worrying about money. I’m also really eager to experiment with some fun ideas in new, exciting ways under the auspices of DaDaFest and the knowledge and contacts their team can provide, especially learning from and alongside the other fellows who all have such distinct, varied practices and experiences.'

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