Introducing the DaDaFest International Festival Bursary

DaDaFest creates art, challenges attitudes and changes lives.

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What is the International Festival Bursary?

We are raising funds to create a bursary which will support a disabled artist (or artists) marginalised because of their socio-economic, African, Caribbean, South East Asian South Asian or East Asian diasporas background. Any money raised will be matched from DaDaFest's own funds.

Sounds good! How will it make a difference?

Your help will mean that the supported artists will be featured in the upcoming DaDaFest season of programmes and/or the next International Festival. So, both the artist(s) and the art that's created will get valuable experience, plus support and exposure for their work.

With your donations and our matched funding, together we'll be creating a fantastic opportunity for an artist or artists currently underrepresnted within disability arts.

I'm in - what can I do?

Please donate via our Just Giving page and we'll match all donations. You could even start a fundraising campaign of your own for us - let us know and we'll promote it with you.


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