DaDaFest Scratch -

DDFS21: Launch

Includes Q&A with artists Amina Atiq and Chris Shapiro - Monday 22 November at 7:30pm

The Third House

Amina Atiq - from Monday 22 November

Chris Shapiro

From Monday 22 November

Skin Deep

Ngozi Ugochukwu - from 3pm, Tuesday 23 November

Theatre Makers Lab

Elaine Collins, Scott Lewis, Wayne Goldstein, Diane Richardson - Tuesday 23 November at 7.30pm

Double Bill

Kadisha Kayani and Rhiannon Jones - Wednesday 24 November at 7:30pm

Tuning In

Adam Fenton - Thursday 25 November at 7.30pm


Porcelain Delaney - Friday 26 November at 7.30pm

DaDa Scratch - DaDa Ensemble Live at Resonate

Closing event - Sunday 28 November at 4pm

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