The Legacy of Gesture

with artist Bridget O’Gorman and AeroDrums

10th November 2018 - 10th November 2018
A photo of a hand holding a wooden drum stick

An interactive workshop where you can use an AeroDrums virtual drum-kit to explore altered states of physicality and space to create a composition. 

The beat of the drum has been used for centuries in ritual ceremonies, a tool for protest or activism, for mobilisation, or gesture of defiance and expression. Developed by artist Bridget O'Gorman for The Future World of Work programme and DaDaFest, an AeroDrums virtual drum-kit is used as a form of active and expanded physical experience for all.

As assistive technology, sensor guided smart cities and automation evolve, new dialogues emerge around the status of the disabled body, augmented by technology, and what this means in a productive, creative society. Bridget's workshop aims to explore all bodies as potential chimeras or cyborgs, echoing the question posed by Haraway ‘why should our bodies end at the skin?’.

Developed in residency at NHS Broad Green Hospital with support from AeroDrums, audiences will be guided through a participatory experience exploring altered states of physicality and space. The virtual act sends a message which could challenge assumptions around the non-disabled body, and the tendency to categorise technological devices depending upon what kind of body is using it.

At what point does a technology become an ‘Assistive Technology’? Acknowledging alternative abilities and ways of being in the world, this workshop is an opportunity to learn how gesture and virtual space influence language and communication. In this vein, the event will stimulate reflective discussion on about participation in work, culture or education activities. After the workshop, insights gathered in dialogue with participants will contribute to an artwork, considering collective, creative and virtual gesture.

Telephone Queries: Tom Rowlands, 07879682679


Please note, a BSL interpreter will be available from 11:00am – 13:00

Age Range

  • This event is suitable for Adults and Younger people.

  • Please note: Minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Tickets: Parents, Guardians and Carers

There are a limited number of workshop spaces. The ticketing is intended for those participating in the Virtual Drumming activity. If you are a Parent, Guardian or Carer, you do not need to book, as there will be additional seating and light refreshments.


The Work was realised within LCR Activate and Future World of Work at FACT and is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund of 

49 Jamaica Street, L1 0AH
L1 0AH
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