The Depressed Artists’ Support Bureau

05th November 2018 - 03rd December 2018
A photo of a man in an office

This event is a co-commission with Liverpool Mental Health Consortium. 

The Depressed Artists’ Support Bureau is an office in which a person sits. Their role is to call their list of depressed artists, and see how they’re getting on; helping to keep track of deadlines and task lists, helping to figure out the way round obstacles, essentially believing in the artist and taking them seriously in half-hour interactions once a week. 

The Bureau does not really exist: it appears every Monday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm during DaDaFest International 2018 as a durational performance and demonstrates one method of providing access support for artists with depression.

Locations include:

5 November – Tate Exchange

12 November – Edge Hill Arts Centre Café

19 and 26 November – Bluecoat

3 December – Bluecoat

This is the equivalent to ramps onto a stage or sign language interpretation: an intervention designed to help mitigate the specific problems that depression creates for artists.

BSL will be provided for the event on 5 November at Tate Exchange. A notetaker is available for all other dates.

Age 14+ (recommended)

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