Remembering Disability

11th November 2018 - 11th November 2018
A photo of the artist Faith Bebbington

Over 2 million people returned to society as disabled/Deaf people at the end of World War One. Their experiences were varied, but they returned amidst a prevailing eugenics culture leaving many shunned, misunderstood and depreciated.

DaDaFest will be working with artist Faith Bebbington and Royal British Legion to produce a series of wreaths to commemorate servicemen who returned home disabled from World War One and conflicts ever since then. The First World War was a pinnacle moment in history when disability became more visible in society and therefore, a social issue. 

Faith Bebbington will be working with local community groups to create three wreaths. They will be exploring ideas around war and disability. 

The wreaths will then be laid on Remembrance Day at Falkner Square, Liverpool, The Cenotaph, Liverpool and Wallasey Mariners’ Park. 

DaDaFest invites you to join us at Falkner Square to take a moment to remember these individuals and raise awareness of disability.


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Falkner Square L8 7PA
L8 7PA
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