Knock Knock

02nd November 2018 - 02nd November 2018
A photo of a man sitting on a dimly lit stage holding an umbrella over his head whilst a woman pours water on it from a watering can.

Hot Coals Theatre presents…

Knock Knock

Two hearts, one cottage and a book with all the ‘answers’…

A modern folk story for our times.

Once upon a time, tucked away in a small rickety cottage, deep in the heart of the forest, a woodcutter goes about his life in a world of woodland magic. When one day a stranger knocks at his door bringing with her a most unexpected of spells…

But when the pressure of social expectation worms its way to the centre of their lives bringing confusion to their hearts, a choice must be made; stay and conform or run and be free…or is there another way?

Hot Coals return with a fairytale of love and longing. Expect to laugh and cry in this poignant and moving piece using physical theatre, clown and mask to capture the hearts of grownups and thinking families.

Knock Knock has been created to be completely inclusive to both d/Deaf & hearing audiences.

Suitable for all ages (suggested 9 yrs +) 

“Warm, likeable and genuine, their performances are playful, tender and deeply moving”
★★★★The Spy in the Stalls

“Using their own idiosyncratic performance style – part clowning, part physical theatre, part straight-upstorytelling– they nail it.”
There Ought to be Clowns

“Sweet, funny and with a powerful and very topical message for audiences of all ages, Knock Knock packs a surprising emotional punch.”
Theatre Things

“It’s easy to see the influence of artists like Charlie Chaplin…breaking down complex problems with humour and physicality.”
London Theatre Review

 Image credit Christopher Daw & Camilla Greenwell

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