Four Words Project

09th June 2009 - 18th November 2009

FOUR WORDS was one of the Liverpool Provocations, a series of four new public-realm artworks for Liverpool city centre that took place during the January 2016 sales season. The project was developed by Metal Liverpool in conjunction with artist Alan Dunn and were displayed on the Media Wall, opposite Lime Street, with over 100 participants from a range of backgrounds having submitted their four word statements.

The provocations managed to stop approximately 1,200 people in their tracks during the screening, not including 60 minutes worth of traffic viewing.

DaDaFest submitted quotes from Michelle Stubbs (DaDaFest Vice-Chair), Ollie Longhurst and Miro Griffiths MBE to be included as part of the project. View the “gif” versions of their words below as well as a video and photos from the project.

Find out more about the project and view more photos here:

Ollie Longhurst

Michelle Stubbs

Michelle Stubbs

Miro Griffiths MBE


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