Elements of Displacement Workshop

16th November 2018 - 16th November 2018
A colourful painting. In front of it sits artist Rachel Gadsden and ethnographer Dr. Yafa Shanneik

Friday 16 November 1:00 - 4.00pm.

BSL is provided.

You are invited to join visual and performance artist Rachel Gadsden (www.rachelgadsden.com) and ethnographer Dr. Yafa Shanneik (Birmingham University) for the “Elements of Displacement” art workshop as part of DaDaFest 2018.

Themes of cultural identity, displacement, migration and empowerment will be explored during the workshop through the process of creative body-mapping. 

Over the last year Dr. Shanneik and Gadsden have been collaborating with refugees; and their artistic enquiry focuses on the experience of refugees who have settled in the UK, Germany and Jordon.  

Narratives relating to migration were explored with the groups and evoked powerful emotional responses. The artworks that were created express the challenges and hopes of diaspora, and consider how individuals not only survive harrowing migration journeys, but also how these life-changing events inform the future of those involved, and may ultimately empower. 

During the workshop there will also be the opportunity to have a guided tour around the “Elements of Displacement” exhibition where Dr. Shanneik and Gadsden will relate their experiences of their current collaborative project. 

The workshop is free and no booking is required.

21 Mann Island
L3 1BP
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