Burlesque from Biscuitland presented by Martini Lounge

20th November 2016 - 20th November 2016
Burlesque from Biscuitland presented by Martini Lounge

Your host, Jess Thom a.k.a Tourettes Hero, will be leading the night’s events – whatever she says goes, so expect the unexpected and jokes that will come as a surprise even to Jess herself!

Weep at the beauty of Kiki Lovechild, the silent clown that’s more heart-breaker than pisstaker; scream at Edd Muir, with his death-defying aerial feats and dangerous drops; laugh along to Doris La Trine’s duet with her golden toilet. Expect the night to take on a saucy edge with CeCe Sinclair, shimmying her way into the hearts of many for the past few years and be whisked away to the underground nightclubs of old with Millie Dollar, bringing her energetic brand of Bump and Grind into the 21st Century.

Have your photo taken in the Biscuit Photo Studio, and a round of Biscuit Bingo, whilst revelling in the night’s entertainment!

Prepare to be DaDaLesqued!

Hosted by The Martini Lounge in collaboration with DaDaFest.

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